As part of closing costs for both the seller and buyer is the State of Maine Transfer Tax. How can you calculate it?  I will help you with this and the title company will calculate this figure for everyone on the settlement statement for closing. But if you love numbers,here is the way to calculate what charge you will be paying. First remember, it number is figured on the sale price of the property...period. Get out your pencils, here is the formula:  Contract price of the property, rounded to nearest $500 รท 500; multiplied by $2.20; then split & paid evenly by buyer & seller...ka-ching!   $$$$$
Before I get out of the car  to look at a house I start making my mental list by  looking at the condition of the roof, chimney and siding. I am far to critical of pet's clawing at the front screen door and trying to chew their way into the house...oh, is there a railing on those front steps?  Okay..I made it inside - now are there fingerprints around the light switches...and  is there plenty of storage in the kitchen?  The beds are made - perfect...wait, thats not included in the price of the house!   Are the interior doors hollow or solid, and are there any cracked tiles in the flooring.  Anyway, the list goes on, so Sellers, remember that buyer agents notice all this, so put your best foot forward, price your house for the current market and it will sell! 
 Maine Housing increased their rates effective March 1, 2011  As well as adjusted  their Gift of Green Program from $2500 to $2000. Want to know more about the Gift of Green? Call me 776-8436, and I will direct you to a lender who will see if you qualify!

Cleaning out your closet!
When selling your home, you will want prospective buyers to think that your closets are big enough for them and their clothes. It is imperative that your closets not be jammed to the rafters. I am sure that you have seen those decluttering shows where the person has gone from being unable to see into the closet to having a closet with clothes on hangers and neatly organized. How on earth did they go from a bazillion items to so little. Here are a couple of tricks that were used and that you can apply yourself.
You wear only 20% of what is in your closet on a regular basis. That means that you can safely eliminate 80% of your closet and not go naked in the streets. In the 80% there may be a couple of items that you have to save for sentimental or celebration reasons but the rest can be given away, sold on consignment, traded with friends (but not for more clothes) or packed until you arrive at your new home.
What do you really wear? Take all your hangers and face the hooks in one direction. Each time you take something out and return it to the closet after wearing it, face the hanger in the opposite direction. After a few months, you will see what clothes you never wear - the hangers are still going in the original direction. These are the items you can give away or sell.
Put your remaining clothes or nice hangers and spread them apart on the rod so there is space. The wire hangers from the dry cleaners have to go. Buy a few boxes of matching wood or white plastic hangers. When on the rod , the same style of hangers lends continuity and also visual space. A Buyer will be so happy to see how big the closet is.
A home inspection is an important part of the home buying process. A house does not "fail or pass" an inspection. The inspection is an opinion of the condition of the house, &  remember that the inspection is non-invasive, so the inspector cannot open up a wall, rip up flooring or dismantle plumbing.  It will give you an idea of the potential repairs that need to be done~and will give you the opportunity to renegotiate, and perhaps ask the seller to address some of the issues that you are uncomfortable with.  I have seen septic systems replaced, water treatment systems installed,  new roofing put on, electrical updates,and all sorts of repairs happen.  I compare it to falling in love,  and then finding out that your true love squeezes the toothpaste from the either put up with it, or get one of those twisty things to take care of the problem. 
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